Posted on Jan 13, 2021

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The Rule of Law is Broken in America

Wednesday January 6th 2021 was a turning point in U.S. history. Pro-Trump supporters, protesting the November 2020 Presidential election result stormed the U.S. Capitol. Ironically the U.S Capitol is regarded by Americans as the American Seat of Democracy enshrined in The Constitution of the United States. The violence on that day broke the Rule of Law reminiscent of the 2019-2020 riots in Hong Kong. The election of Donald Trump marked a sharp rise in the activities of left wing anti-fascist anti-racist political movement (Antifa) rioting on the back of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests. The Portland riots in August 2020 was reported as: “ANTIFA and BLM protestors continue their reign of terror.” The Capitol riot has been attributed to Patriot supporters and more particularly the Proud Boys a male-only far-right neo-fascists political organisation. While the Antifa/BLM riots were taking place the far-right wing groups pushed back but only in small numbers. The Capitol riot marks a distinct escalation in pro-right wing violence. The threat of widespread rioting across America by these same groups predicts dark future for democracy and the Rule of Law. The days of the right to peaceful assembly en masse has been replaced by out-of-control unlawful mob violence. Quite criminal really?
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