Posted on Oct 23, 2019

Criminal Lawyers Perth

The second revenge ….. conviction recently in WA involved Terri-Lee Carman a teacher’s assistant. Ms Carman was charged and convicted for hacking into her ex-girlfriends Facebook account where she found a naked picture and then sent the picture to the ex's sister. Ms Carmen then sent the picture to the victim 20 times along with 250 text messages over a 24-hour period. Ms Carman was given a Community-Based Order with Supervision, reflecting the seriousness of the offending and a Spent Conviction a " she can keep her job." As I implied in an earlier post, today's social media gives anyone access to anyone's personal information that can so easily then be used to wreck a person's life. In the process of doing so, the offender's life is also wrecked after going through the criminal justice process. In this case Ms Carman iss 46 years which goes to show that this sort of offending, as I earlier and mistakenly suggested, could be blamed on the youth of today who are so wrapped up and influenced by what’s happening on the devices in the palms of their hands. Misusing social media is not age-related.
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