Posted on Oct 20, 2019

Criminal Lawyers Perth

The situation in Hong Kong has been quiet over the last two weeks only to erupt overnight with rioters using petrol bombs and police returning fire with tear gas. The unrest is escalating. It's fair to say that the situation is nothing short of criminal thuggery maybe even on both sides. Some are likening the riots to the Hong Kong Leftist riots against Colonial Rule in 1967. Despite loss of life and human suffering through civil unrest, many back then lost their livelihoods and savings. As it stands many HK citizens right now are contemplating leaving their homes in Hong Kong for other countries. Citizens needed in the continued economic and financial prowess of Hong Kong are resigning from lucrative high paid jobs or closing down once thriving businesses taking their savings and going overseas. As a start the rise in foreign bank accounts is startling. As far as inbound tourists are concerned, the rioting has decimated the number of people going to what was once a tourist Mecca. All of this is a direct result of a breakdown in the Rule of Law in a nutshell every person and institution in any society are equally subject to the legal codes and due processes of that society. Clearly the Hong Kong protesters continued disobedience to law and order has now seemingly transformed what was once of group of legitimate protesters with a legitimate cause to anything less than legitimate.
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